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Name Location Average
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Aleks Nikiforov Ukraina1.78LWLLWResults Subscribe
Allen Sloan USA1.75LWWLWResults Subscribe
Andre Trigueira Portugal1.83WWLWWResults Subscribe
Andreas Friz Germany1.75WWWWWResults Subscribe
Charlie Stone United Kingdom1.82WLLLWResults Subscribe
Daniel Nutz Germany1.71WWLWWResults Subscribe
Dario Pasi Italy1.78LLLLWResults Subscribe
Darren Soto USA1.83WWLWWResults Subscribe
Fabien Victor France1.80WLWLWResults Subscribe
Gavin Forsyth Canada1.85WWLLWResults Subscribe
Marc Demouge Holland1.84WLWLWResults Subscribe
Noburu Shun Japan1.79WWWWWResults Subscribe
Owen Hudson United Kingdom1.80WWWWWResults Subscribe
Reid Bodle United Kingdom1.84LWWWLResults Subscribe
Tolek Rusak Poland1.81WLWWLResults Subscribe
Tom de Reuver Belgium1.76LWWWWResults Subscribe
Tre Medlin USA1.69WLWWWResults Subscribe
Tyler Booth United Kingdom1.95WWLWWResults Subscribe
Uilliam Domhnall Ireland1.79WWWWLResults Subscribe

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